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  • Spend $20 and receive a FREE Maxi Scrunchie*
  • Spend $20 and receive a FREE Maxi Scrunchie*
  • Spend $20 and receive a FREE Maxi Scrunchie*
  • Mindfulness, meditation and mapping out the New Year
    Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, ask yourself this – could they, or should they, all have something in common? Including mindfulness in your resolutions may very well be the key to making all your goals for 2021 grounded, balanced and yes, successful, after the mess that was 2020! Read More
  • 5 benefits of belonging to a community
    Whether its online or offline, being an active part of a community is a great feeling – it means knowing that you’re surrounded by people who share your values, interests or passions. If you’ve been feeling isolated or are looking for more inspiration, a challenge or a change, joining or creating a community could be just the kickstart you need. Here are five reasons to put yourself out there and start making meaningful connections. Read More
  • Beautiful Brows at Home with Manicare
    Learn about the tools and steps needed to achieve beautifully groomed brows at home. Read More
  • 7 good deeds to do today
    Acts of kindness are not grand gestures, they don’t have to cost a lot - or any money - and depending on what you choose to do, they don’t even have to take a lot of time out of your day. But the impact a small act of kindness or a good deed can have on someone’s life can be timeless and priceless. Read More